What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is known as one of the advertising and routing tools, also referred to as digital signage. This solution provides a closed broadcast circuit system, whose purpose is to bring together the contents of advertisements with the consumer. With this solution, images are transferred to the screens located at different places through a computer network that aims to manage image or video files from a center. With this system, it is always valuable to make an impact on the consumer where computers and media players are at the forefront.

It is necessary to mention 2 main usage areas related to digital signage that companies use for different purposes. These are 2 different types: for general information and special information.

Corporate Communications

Business Announcements

Staff Training

Usage Areas and Equipment Needs of Digital Signage

While digital signs are used in general and internal information systems, it is possible to define their usage areas in a more specific sense as follows: The main purpose of the general information can be sharing news, traffic situation and emergency exit information. On the other hand, in internal information, the main goal is to publish safety apps and some institutional content.

To set up a digital signage system, a screen and a video player are sufficient in terms of hardware. It should be stated that players with different operating systems don’t have any criteria here. Images that are reflected by a video player are displayed to the customers. It should be noted that the screens used here can be LED or industrial screens. Thanks to this feature, Digital Signage becomes a useful solution.

Customizable web sourced content display

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Dozens of ready-made widget libraries

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Special modules for your announcements

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Integration with your social media accounts

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