What is a Videowall?

Videowall is a multi-screen system created by a combination of industrial screens. These systems provide unlimited solutions in terms of usage purposes and areas and have high standards. Thus, every brand and institution with a large audience should choose the video wall system. Providing a professional display makes the contents more interesting and offers special solutions with high levels of quality and standards.

It is very valuable that Videowall provides different solutions by providing a flawless experience. In this regard, it is possible to use the following options.

Which Videowall?

Standard Videowall
Video wall setup is formed by the combination of more than one video screen fixed together that can be created in different formats. So, it can be prepared with various formations such as 2×2, 3×3, or 4×3. These systems include an external video source, the content comes from this source and the video is displayed on the video wall. In this way, a flawless image can be obtained.

Digital Artwall
Artwall is a quality display solution created by arranging digital screens with a different design. Thus, although the screen type used is not different, an artwall system is created by using a different sequence. There is no difference in the working principle however, quality solutions can be obtained because visual creativity is at the forefront.

Videowall Control Room
It is the system that allows institutions to monitor certain information 24/7. Although the size and covered area of a videowall is different, its working principle is not much different from a classic video wall.

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