LED Screen

LED Screen are a display technology product created by combining thousands of small LEDs. These LEDs can typically come in red, green, and blue (RGB) colors, with each LED contributing to the creation of pixels.

What is LED Screen?

LED Screens are products of display systems created by combining thousands or even millions of small LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). This technology provides high resolution, brightness and color saturation, enabling a wide range of uses in various fields.

LED Screens are generally used in indoor and outdoor billboards, information displays, stadium displays, backstage displays and commercial events. LEDs are small semiconductor devices that can produce light on their own, and with the combination of colors they can create a wide spectrum of colors.

These displays are often modular, meaning they can be customized in different sizes and shapes. This modular structure simplifies installation and maintenance of the display and allows easy replacement of faulty components.

Why LED Screen?

Nowadays, many businesses and organizations prefer LED display technologies for effective communication and visual presentation. LED screens offer a visually impressive experience with their high resolution and bright colors. High image quality enables advertisements, informational messages and visual presentations to be delivered more effectively to the target audience.

Additionally, LED displays offer flexibility and customization. Thanks to their modular structure, they can be customized in different sizes and shapes. Businesses can customize and install LED displays to suit their needs and spaces. This offers businesses a more personalized visual communication tool.

The high brightness levels of LED displays enable them to be seen clearly and easily even in outdoor environments. This feature is ideal for billboards and informational displays. In addition, the energy efficiency and long-lasting structure of LED technology helps businesses reduce their environmental impact while reducing their energy costs. Considering all these advantages, LED displays have become an indispensable part of modern communication and visual presentation.

Ayrıca, LED ekranlar esneklik ve özelleştirme imkanı sunarlar. Modüler yapıları sayesinde, farklı boyutlarda ve şekillerde özelleştirilebilirler. İşletmeler, ihtiyaçlarına ve mekanlarına uygun olarak LED ekranları özelleştirebilir ve monte edebilirler. Bu da işletmelere daha kişiselleştirilmiş bir görsel iletişim aracı sunar.

LED ekranların yüksek parlaklık seviyeleri, açık hava ortamlarında dahi net ve kolayca görülebilmesini sağlar. Bu özellik, reklam panoları ve bilgilendirme ekranları için idealdir. Ayrıca, LED teknolojisinin enerji verimliliği ve uzun ömürlü yapısı, işletmelerin enerji maliyetlerini düşürürken çevresel etkilerini azaltmalarına da yardımcı olur. Tüm bu avantajlar göz önüne alındığında, LED ekranlar modern iletişim ve görsel sunumun vazgeçilmez bir parçası haline gelmiştir.

Advantages of LED Screens

LED displays stand out with their advantages such as high image quality, flexibility, energy efficiency and long life. They are used as effective communication tools in many areas such as advertising, event management and information presentation.

High Image Quality

High Energy Efficiency

Flexibility and Customization Opportunity

Longevity and Durability

High Brightness and Visibility

Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance

All in One With LED Displays

Expand Your Vision

Great Audio-Visual Effect

Easy Installation and Flexible Applications

User Experience Oriented Interface

All-in-one with LED Displays

LED Screens Suitable for All Areas

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LED Screen Models

LED displays are a powerful and flexible tool to effectively convey information, advertise or enhance visual experiences. Dora Technology is with you at every stage when it comes to choosing the LED screen that suits your needs.

All-in-one with LED Displays

No Complex Installation Required
All-in-One Design

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LED Screen Types

LED displays come in various types, including indoor, outdoor, transparent and flexible. While indoor LED screens offer an aesthetic appearance in closed areas, outdoor LED screens are generally used for advertising or information purposes in large areas. Transparent LED screens allow advertising on glass surfaces, while flexible LED screens adapt to different shapes and surfaces. Each type has special design and technical characteristics so that they can be used effectively in various application areas.


Indoor LED Screens

Indoor LED displays are designed for use in indoor spaces. They are frequently seen in places such as store windows, shopping malls, concert halls, fairgrounds and meeting rooms. Indoor LED displays generally feature high resolution, low brightness and low power consumption. They offer impressive visual experiences by adapting to the atmosphere of the interior with their aesthetic designs. These displays are usually manufactured using SMD technology and can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor LED screens are generally designed to be resistant to outdoor weather conditions and are used in large areas for advertising, information or entertainment purposes. Thanks to their high brightness and high resolution, they can provide clear images even in sunlight. They are used in many areas such as stadiums, outdoor events, bus stops, highway billboards and exteriors of commercial buildings. Outdoor LED displays are usually manufactured using DIP LED technology and have waterproof and dustproof properties.


Transparent LED Screens

Transparent LED displays are designed to be used in areas such as glass showcases and glass facades of buildings. Unlike traditional billboards, Transparent LED screens do not block the view behind when displaying the advertisement. This feature provides interior lighting but does not block the light coming from outside. Transparent LED displays generally stand out with high brightness and low power consumption. They are used in many indoor and outdoor applications such as shops, banks, fairgrounds and museums.


Here is a resource where you can find answers to frequently asked questions about LED displays. It offers basic information about LED displays as well as a resource for solving problems users may encounter.

LED displays are display systems created by combining thousands of small LEDs. Each LED pixel produces light with electrical energy, and their combination creates colorful and high-resolution images.

The advantages of LED displays include features such as high image quality, energy efficiency, long life, flexibility and high brightness.

LED displays are used in many areas such as advertising, event management, information presentation, stadium and backstage displays.

Maintenance of LED screens is usually done by professional teams. For cleaning, it is recommended to use a slightly damp cloth and chemical cleaning agents should be avoided.

The resolution of LED displays depends on the pixel density and the size of the screen. Higher pixel density means higher resolution.

The cost of LED screens varies depending on factors such as the size, resolution, quality of the screen and the location where it will be used. It is often necessary to contact the manufacturer or supplier to obtain a customized quote.











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