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Reach all imaging and audio technology solutions with Dora Technology, the solution partner of local and global projects with 15 years of industry experience.

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Digital Signage

It is a new generation notification and information system which can be used in almost every sector. With this closed-circuit system, the contents of the screens can be managed with software over the internet or network remotely.

Video Conferencing

Video Conference is the simultaneous transfer of video, sound and data between two or more locations. If a video conferencing system is well designed and used efficiently, it can reduce travel costs and save time.


Video Wall is created by placing multiple screens side by side in a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. You can make different broadcasts by splitting the screens with a Video Wall, which consists of any number of screen combinations you would like.

Interactive Screens

- Smartboards are a solution that differs from traditional boards by some aspects such as providing unlimited workspace, the possibility of recording the whole content and reflecting on the board again at any time you wish, and providing moving the information to obtain a better setup.

LED Screen

This system consists of a combination of sub-units such as modules and panels. Since the brightness levels are much higher than LCD screens, they run more effectively than LCD screens in daylight.

Hotel TV Solutions

One of the most comfort-providing systems is Hotel TV solutions. The most important difference of these systems used in multi-bed places like hospitals and hotels from home-type TVs is that they can be controlled by network or antenna cable remotely.


About Dora Technology

As Dora Technology, we have a mission that goes far beyond providing technology solutions. We provide our customers to reach the highest point in terms of operational level. Thanks to our mission, our customers can focus on their actual agenda. We ensure that our customers get ahead of their competitors in this era of rapid technological changes and maximize their corporate performance thanks to the comprehensive portfolio of our services.

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