What is an LED Screen?

Led screen solutions are screens with different sizes formed by LED modules. As a system, there is almost no limit for LED screen applications, which are special in meeting the needs. The preference of LED screens used by institutions and firms in their communication activities in different areas is of great value. Therefore, it is possible to use LED screens both indoors and outdoors. Let’s take a closer look what LED screen solutions are!

LED Screen Types

Indoor LED Screens
Indoor LED screen solutions are high-quality options designed to provide high-resolution images. Accordingly, the brightness is high. However, this high brightness level is not too much to disturb the human eye. Providing user-oriented solutions is one of the most special advantages of these screens.

Outdoor LED Screens
Considering the most useful options related to LED screens for outdoors, solutions suitable for different types of weather conditions should be mentioned. If you want to choose an outdoor LED solution, you should definitely look for quality solutions.

Flexible LED Screens
As its very name signifies, the surfaces of the screens, known as flexible screens, are oval or round.

Transparent LED Screens
These screens can be used both indoor and outdoor and are indispensable for showcases. You should consider using a transparent LED screen, which is one of the most used solutions in shopping malls and other exterior places.


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